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Accelerate Enterprise Application Development

A low-code/no-code platform that enables Non-Profits to

stay current with technology.




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Empower your non-profit’s mission with Xelence

Automate operations, improve efficiency, and streamline your mission-work with the communities you serve. 

Harness the Power of a Low-code/no-code Platform

Xelence is an integrable cloud-based platform allowing you to develop, run, and manage applications without the complexity of building and maintaining the typical infrastructure of developing and launching an app.


Xelence provides all resources that enable you to deliver everything from simple applications to complex enterprise systems.

Ongoing Automatic Security

When you deploy applications on Xelence, you get inbuilt security features.


Xelence strictly uses security assessment tools as part of the quality assurance process.


With every upgrade, customer applications automatically incorporate new security fixes.

Scalable to Your Needs

Will your software solution need to scale from a proof-of-concept to thousands or millions of users?


Xelence takes full advantage of both horizontal and vertical scaling to allow you to harness as much horsepower as required.


Add more servers to your on-premise farm or cloud infrastructure and quickly deploy distributed services and apps with a few clicks.

Intuitive at All Levels

Xelence helps you build simple consumer to complex enterprise applications without traditional programming.


It is a visual environment, offering drag and-drop features, and incorporates in-built enterprise architecture.


It helps you build apps without the skills of a programmer.

Xelence Benefits


Improve your efficiency by integrating systems and processes, reducing duplication and wasted resources

Coordinate efforts between your different departments and work together  more effectively towards common goals

Track and measure the impact of your programs and services by analysing performance indicators and business processes

Use data effectively by breaking down silos and integrating data across different departments and programs

Increase transparency by sharing information across your organisation

Communicate effectively with your stakeholders 

Monitor progress and forecast for the future with a holistic view of your organisation


Automate your paper-based processes and gain real-time visibility into your operations 

Collaborate and share information between your teams, departments, and stakeholder groups

Analyse your data and improve your practices

Scale your operations to accommodate expansion

Comply with rules and regulations and easily configure changes 

Reduce your costs and difficulties associated with physical storage

Improve your IT security and reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and theft

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