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This partnership powered by Sagitec’s low-code BPM platform, Xelence, will accelerate digital transformation for Cygnus Consulting customers across industries.

Sagitec Solutions and Cygnus Consulting are delighted to announce a strategic partnership to combine their deep expertise and resources. This dynamic alliance is set to help companies in financial services, insurance, healthcare, and aged care undergo digital transformation.

Cygnus Consulting is an Australian IT consulting and services company pioneering a unique "Service Aggregator" model to provide best-in-class domain and technology solutions to help clients navigate digital transformation.

"Our team of industry partners, technology gurus, delivery experts, work with leading ASX companies to deliver IT and Business Services. We are excited to partner with Sagitec and take Xelence to our clients," said Vikas Sharma, CEO of Cygnus Consulting. "Our clients are looking for solutions that help them transform at pace without spending a fortune and be assured that technology does not become obsolete. Xelence, a leading low-code BPM platform, can help our clients in building complex solutions quickly at a fraction of cost without worrying about technical debt.” Vikas continued.

Xelence, a low-code platform by Sagitec, empowers over 35 companies across industries construct simple to intricate applications with ease. With solution displays, comprehensive training, certification, and holistic service, Xelence can help Cygnus Consulting’s ecosystem companies realise their vision with remarkable efficiency.

"We are excited to partner with Cygnus Consulting," shared Deepak Ahuja, Co-founder, Sagitec. "By harnessing the power of Xelence, we are confident that we can catalyse innovation by rapidly turning ideas into working prototypes, and transition them easily into robust and secure production deployments that can evolve easily." added Deepak.

The alliance between Cygnus Consulting and Sagitec will help companies build applications quickly with Xelence and propel them toward faster market entry and unparalleled digital transformation.

About Cygnus Consulting: Cygnus Consulting is transforming the crowded IT services and consulting market to provide clients with top-tier domain expertise and technical capability to ensure smooth and quality service delivery. Find out more:

About Xelence: Xelence by Sagitec is a low-code/no-code BPM platform that helps organisations quickly build small to complex applications and digital business processes with minimal coding to help streamline operations, improve efficiency, and increase transparency. To know more:

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